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Meet a handful of the exceptional teachers who are fueling the future in classrooms across the city. 


Davina Fangman


Davina teaches K-6 theater at Bowie Fine Arts Academy. She has been teaching since 2011.

I love giving my students a creative outlet. 

I've been at Bowie for six years. It's been a blast! It's a challenge, but it's a blast. My students really look forward to coming to class to practice and rehearse, because they get to express themselves in other ways, not just with pencil and paper. And I think having that outlet helps them do well in other classes, too. 

I've learned a lot from my colleagues.

Professional development at MISD is not just about learning how to do something; it’s also about collaborating with other theater teachers in the district. Sometimes we have issues that we can't necessarily solve ourselves, so we lean on each other for help. A lot of the professional development that I go to gives me the chance to network and bounce ideas off other teachers. It really helps me do better for my kids. 

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