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We welcome talented individuals of all backgrounds and stages of their career—from aspiring teachers who aren’t yet certified to veteran teachers with years of experience. While you must be eligible for a teaching certificate from the Texas Education Agency (TEA) to apply for a permanent position teaching in our schools, there are several options for getting certified and launching your teaching career at Midland Independent School District. 

Certified Candidates

If you are already certified to teach in Texas, or will be by September 2018, we encourage you to apply now for the 2018-19 school year.  

Candidates Certified in Another State

If you are certified to teach in another state, you may apply to have your certificate recognized in Texas. You will need to submit official transcripts and a copy of your certificate as part of your application. If your certificate is recognized, you will be issued a one-year, non-renewable certificate, which you can use to teach while you complete any outstanding requirements for the standard certificate. 

​Candidates Who Aren’t Yet Certified

If you're an aspiring teacher who is not yet certified, follow these five steps to earn your Texas certification: 

1 Obtain a bachelor’s degree.

All candidates must hold a bachelor’s degree, unless they are applying for certification in Health Science Technology or Trades and Industrial Education. 

2 Complete an educator preparation program.

Once you have your bachelor’s degree, complete an approved preparation program. Choose a university-based or alternative certification program, and be sure to look into the financial resources available to help you finance your program. 

3 Pass certification exams.

After you finish your teacher preparation program, you must pass the relevant certification exams. Contact your program for more information on which exams you will need to take.

4 Apply for certification.

Once you have verified with your program that you are eligible, apply for certification through the TEA.

5 Get fingerprinted.

All first-time applicants must be fingerprinted for a national criminal background check.

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