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Meet a handful of the exceptional teachers who are fueling the future in classrooms across the city. 


J.R. Napoles


J.R. teaches science to English Language Learners at Abell Junior High School. He has been teaching since 2013. 

I love the camaraderie.

I did my student teaching at Abell and never left. I fell in love with the culture and campus. I love the camaraderie. My first year of teaching, I had all these veteran teachers coming by and saying, "How are you doing? Can I help?" Now that I'm no longer the newbie, I do that for the new teachers. 

I bring learning alive through technology. 

In my classroom, I use technology to bring my lessons to life. When we do dissections, for example, I have my students explore the organs through an interactive computer program. I don’t want them to just see what a blood vein looks like; I want them to see how blood pumps through the body. It's not enough to simply talk about how food is processed; I want to show my students what it looks like. 

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