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Midland ISD Receives Transformation Zone Planning Grant from TEA

January 9, 2018 - Midland Independent School District has been awarded the 2018-19 Transformation Zone Planning Grant from the Texas Education Agency (TEA). The district will receive $450,000 to assist in designing a Transformation Zone to provide campuses with autonomy and innovation. Midland Independent School District is one of eight districts awarded statewide for the upcoming school year. 

"This is incredibly exciting for our school district, our students and our community," said Dr. Elise Kail, executive director of accountability for Midland Independent School District. "The Transformation Zone Planning Grantwill allow our district to specifically focus on transformation efforts and allow the district to work with a zone design partner assigned by the TEA."

The Transformation Zone Program was created by the Texas Education Agency's division of system support and innovation to assist districts with designing a Transformation Zone. According to the TEA, Transformation Zones provide campuses with autonomy and utilize a range of actions to transform campuses. These actions may include partnering with an open enrollment charter school or redesigning schools in partnership with a zone design partner. 

"Midland ISD has been at the forefront of radical change and is leading the way for transformation," said Superintendent Orlando Riddick, Midland Independent School District. "We are excited about being awarded the Transformation Zone Planning Grant and look forward to the tremendous work our staff will do as a result."

For more information about Midland ISD's Transformation Campuses, please visit our Midland on the Move website

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